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Our company has been in the business of escorting overweight and oversized transports and related activities.

About Us

Our company was founded in 1994. We specialized from the very beginnings in transporting overweight and oversized carriages and services that relate to this activity.

Our activity focuses primarily on Slovakia, but extends to all of Europe with the help of our partners.
We are capavble of negotiating in Slovakian, Hungarian, and German.
Since the foundation of our company, for the past twenty years, we have co-operated with more than a hundred clients in Slovakia and abroad alike. Many of them are still our loyal client commissioners, which shows their overall satisfaction with our activities.


Why should you choose us?

- we have more twenty years of experience, and our skill and knowledge is demonstrated by several hundreds of content clients

- the equipment of our escorting vehicles are in accordance with the strictest EU specifications

- as needed, we communicate with our clients in Slovakian, German, English and Hungarian

- our employees are devoted to their job, and our company felxibly adjust its work to meet the emerging demands

Our Work

Our services


We ensure the escort for your carriage. Our escorting vehicles are in accordance with the strictest EU specifications. Our drivers are experienced and learn several languages.

Recognition service

We identify the optimal route for the carriage.

Ensuring special permissions

In case your transport needs special permissions, we procure them from the authorities.

Planning and suggesting the optimal route

We identify and suggest the optimal route based on the individual parameters of your transport.

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